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HCXP 2.0 is here!

We are very pleased with our new platform and can not wait to demonstrate HCXP to your group or practice!

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HCXP Suite is the solution for complete data transparency

The transparency of Healthcare Experience (HCXP) data across a system of care is crucial.
Achieving maximum performance outcomes can no longer rely on forgotten and siloed data. Providers need to remove the blinders and assess Healthcare Experience through multiple perceptions. Individual measures should not be a concentration but a cumulative and HCXP is creating this standard.

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Visitor or Family Member
  • Employee
  • Culture of Care
  • Environment of Care

“Patient Satisfaction is a key determinant of quality of care and is the most important product we produce. Our partnership with HCXP allows us to easily capture the voice of the patient in real-time in the form of satisfaction surveys.”

— Jennifer Wallace-RN, BSN
Corporate Director of Quality/PI
AMG, Integrated Healthcare Management

About us


The integration of healthcare experience data is vital to making improvements across the entire continuum of care.
  • Patient Experience Surveys
  • Doctor, Nurse and Employee Satisfaction
  • Pre and Post Doctor/Nurse Education Questionnaires
  • Administrative, Doctor and Nurse Rounding
  • Culture of Care and Environment of Care Questionnaires
  • Post Care Follow Up
  • Prescription Adherence/Reminders
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Customizable Point of Care Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • Healthcare Employee Exit Interview
  • One Real-Time Reporting Solution!

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