• The Complete Health Care Survey Solution

    Patient, Nurse, Doctor, Employee Satisfaction/Experience

  • Eliminate Paperwork

    Improve Patient Care

  • Improve Return Rates

    Reduce Costs Associated with Survey Management

  • Create Custom Surveys

    Real-Time Comparison/Benchmark Reports

  • Complete On-Site Administration

    Corporate and Facility Level Reporting

  • Daily Percentile Ranking

    Survey Language Translation

Welcome to the next generation of patient
satisfaction/experience survey data collection.

With a combined 40+ years experience in performance and patient satisfaction data collection, our senior officers are very excited to offer this invaluable solution for your entire internal survey collection needs. Imagine being able to use one tool to capture patient, doctor, nurse, employee, family/visitor satisfaction data and retrieve immediate comparison reports, return rates and percentile rankings.

Over the years our team has heard the desperate cry from our healthcare colleagues that change and improvement is needed in this area of collection; client hospitals are frustrated with their patient satisfaction scores and reports when:

  • Return rates were not correct or entirely too low
  • Surveys were lost in the mail or not processed yet as the vendor did not receive the snail mail delivery containing that month's batch of surveys
  • Benchmark reports were late (45 days after the close of each quarter)
  • The data was incorrect due to a misread survey scan and surveys that were not legible or improperly filled out

Our motivation is to provide real-time data that will offer our clients the opportunity to improve patient care when the data is relevant...Now! Cloud technology and the development of tablet and mobile devices will offer a new horizon in satisfaction/experience data collection where real-time data collection will be the new "norm". When the modern tablet computer was made available our wheels started spinning:

  • What if you could use a modern tablet to collect patient satisfaction data at the point of care?
  • What if comparison and benchmark reports could be made available in real-time?
  • What if you could translate the survey to the language that is most convenient to the patient on the fly?
  • What if you could increase your return rate to record highs by demonstrating real compassion and concern when asking for their valuable perception of the care they received?
  • What if your patient satisfaction/experience data could offer you a real opportunity to improve patient care immediately?
  • And what if you could add/edit/create your own questions/surveys that were relevant to your practice?

Ladies and gentlemen, NOW YOU CAN!

Together we will build a very valuable comparison database that will offer real time comparison/benchmark reporting across the entire healthcare continuum.

We would like to introduce you to HCXP.